Divorce is a complicated judicial process as feelings are mixed with economic interests, but it is even more so when there are younger children at the time of the marriage or couple breakup. The issue of child custody is very sensitive and affects both minors and their parents.

Deciding which parent is granted custody or whether custody will be shared will be a judge’s decision, but once the sentence is handed down, one or both parents may disagree with it.

The dispute between parents is very common in these cases. It is usually common for one parent to wish to have exclusive custody and custody of children and that his/her spouse only enjoys a visitation regime, so all his efforts will be to prove to his/her honour that the child or minors are in a better situation and better care when they remain in their custody than when they reside with their ex-partner.

In these cases, the most common reason, one parent hires Investigation Services Malaysia, is to graphically verify and show that the other spouse is not a responsible person and is not qualified to take care of the children.

In investigations related to child custody after a separation it is very important to provide solid evidence demonstrating the suitability of the stay of the children with one of the spouses, in this case our client. The way private Investigation Malaysia work will be reversed, i.e., we will try to show and find that the other spouse is not qualified either their life or their environment is eligible to take care of the couple’s children.

The work of the detectives will be to provide valid evidence judicially, that is, that they are in keeping with the legality and that do not violate the privacy of the investigated, from which the judge decides to assign custody to our client to the detriment of the other parent.

Investigation Services Malaysia agents will conduct an investigation through legal observation and follow-up, finally issuing a report that our lawyer will provide in the cause of separation or in the view of modification of measures.

Reasons to retire custody of the child

Causes to show that the mother or father is not being responsible for raising and caring for children include:

  • Neglect of the child
  • Suspected abuse
  • Indications of alcohol and/or drug use
  • Absence of the parent from the family home during the day and night
  • Abandonment of minors
  • Continued delegation to third parties in childcare.

In addition, you receive feedback on irregular parent behaviour from your social environment, other school parents and friends among others. If you suspect your child is in danger and you don’t agree with custody, ask for the help of Investigation Services Malaysia.

How to remove custody of the child from the parent?

From MVD International, we help you gather information and evidence showing that your ex-partner’s behaviour is irresponsible to take custody of minors.

Private Investigation Malaysia agents closely and thoroughly monitor the daily life of the children’s parents through an unsealed observation. In addition to taking photographs that justify the activities you do. Providing real facts, objectives and truths.

All this supported by the indications and material evidence by the person who has hired the detective to prove that his ex-spouse suffers from a mental disorder or has in poor condition to minors and cannot exercise his obligations and responsibilities adequately, provide experience for the report that will be presented later in the judicial process.

If you think your children might be in any of the situations exposed, don’t hesitate to hireInvestigation Services Malaysia. The best option is to rely on professionals with extensive experience in the sector.